Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What does delisting mean to me?

The Company has been delisted from the ASX and has become an unlisted public company.  Each shareholder will retain their fully paid ordinary shares in the Company which will have the same voting rights and entitlements as prior to delisting.  Each shareholder will receive a Holding statement in the mail post delisting.

What is the Holding Statement that I will receive in the mail?

As the Company’s shares are currently quoted on the ASX, you hold shares in uncertified form.  After the Delisting Date, your CHESS sponsored shareholding will be automatically converted to Issuer Sponsored on the Company’s share register, and a Holding statement will be posted to your registered address.  You are not required to do anything or pay anything to facilitate this.

How do I sell my shares now?

The only process for selling your unlisted shares is to locate a willing buyer and transfer the shares via an Off-Market Transfer.  The transfer form can be downloaded from Automic’s Investor Centre website at

You will need your holder number which can be located on your Holding Statement.

How do I change my address?

Following delisting, you can change your address through Automic’s Investor Centre website at

Alternatively, you can complete a change of address form and mail this to Automic for processing.  The change of address form with instructions is available on the Automic’s Investor Centre website at

What if I lose my Holding Statement?

If you lose your Holding Statement, please contact Automic on 1300 288 664 to arrange a replacement.

How do I keep up with Company news?

The Company will continue to communicate with shareholders on a regular basis and all announcements will be posted on the Company website