ASX Releases

Date   Headlines Publisher
18/10/2016 Board Change
14/10/2016 Board Change
21/09/2016 Change in substantial holding
20/09/2016 Placement to Sophisticated Investors
20/09/2016 Appendix 3B
20/09/2016 Placement Cleansing Notice
02/08/2016 Half year Financial Report
14/07/2016 Quarterly Activities Report
14/07/2016 Quarterly Cashflow Report
05/07/2016 Interim Finance Secured
29/06/2016 Expiry of Unlisted Options
03/06/2016 Change of Registered Office and Principal Place of Business
27/05/2016 Result of Annual General Meeting
27/04/2016 Quarterly Activites Report
27/04/2016 Quarterly Cashflow Report
21/04/2016 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
30/03/2016 Expiry of Unlisted Options
02/03/2016 Change of Director's Interest Notice x2
01/03/2016 Change in substantial holding
26/02/2016 Appendix 3B

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